Vehicular Location


Our solution includes hardware, software, and 24/7 support that allows guaranteeing that your products will arrive to its destiny safely, under real time monitoring.
We guarantee to our clients a personalized service and continuous quality control over the operation of our system.

Presentation of the product

Our solution is designed to create all type of events according to the needs of the client. Among the options of the system there is the possibility to create personalized alarms, geofences, routes, and reports on real time with detailed and accurate information.

The reports and alarms produced by our system can be seen through all type of digital devices, such as computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

Our system, besides producing information about the unit, is able to produce reports about the behavior of the driver, safely driving, use of brakes, acceleration, and distance maintained from other vehicles; reducing the risk of accidents and improving the efficiency of drivers.


Solution all in ONE



Vehicular monitoring system on real time to manage fleets, logistics, security, and control of the driver.


A GPS lock that integrates security and monitoring on real time producing reports of opening and alarms of use.


The most sophisticated unit for the control and monitoring of goods.


Sistema de control, localización, telemetría, en tiempo real para la seguridad y administración de contenedores.


Portable system for monitoring people, supervision, and checking of distance on real time.


Our online app provides the tools to create events and administrate your fleet, containers, goods, and staff.