Fuel Control in Fleets

GasiT is the fastest, most efficient, and most innovative form in the market to save in the consumption of fuel of all your fleet. Due to our technology and experience in fuel control, GasiT will enable your company to reduce costs and increase his benefits in a short term.

Presentation of the product


By means of our advanced system of control and performance, our clients receive immediate savings because GasiT eliminates fraud, increases speed in delivery, and reduces administrative costs.

GasiT allows people in charge of the fleets to assign daily fees of consumption per unit in established days and hours. Through our network the client accesses to more than 150 reports at any moment and from any place in the world.



GasiT technology eliminates the use of receipts and cash payments which guarantee the client, the reduction of frauds in the station and it also reduces the extraction of fuel from his units.


GasiT is the trademark that represents the most advanced technologies in fuel control of the world, with more than 20 years of experience and worldwide presence.

How it Works?

Solution for Gas Station Owners

The operative software of the system, installed in the local server of the station, allows controlling the pumps and registering all deliveries done in the path. Also, the system makes billing, balances of shifts, control of inventories, and measuring of tanks, suppliers, and stock of other products, reconciliations, shift closings, reports (more than 150 reports) and the performance of scheduled tasks, everything integrated in the same platform.